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Annual Percentage Rate
by Tam

Show me these tricks at home they do not permitted by law. There, the bank shall indicate in promotional materials not only the interest rate, but apr (Annual Percentage Rate of Charge), ie the real cost of credit. I had seen such advertising on the streets of European cities: 'Free express loan at 0%, apr -12% per annum. Speaking candidly Steve Wozniak told us the story. " In Russia, no such law, so the client needs most 'pull' of the banking agreement with all the necessary information. It’s believed that Andy Florance sees a great future in this idea. Make it easy, the banks, so to say, do not emphasize client on the value of additional payments. Therefore, the first document that we have carefully read – himself a loan agreement.

It is important not to rush, to ask the representative of the bank all the questions (maybe make a few 'trips' in Bank – Ed.) ask the bank manager to make a detailed calculation of the monthly payments. Incidentally, this calculation should be specified as an annex to the treaty. What the commission can be 'hidden' in the loan agreement? Most difficult and dangerous case – monthly fee, which increases the real rate of 1,5-3 times, as though modestly, this percentage did not look in the contract. After all, even a 1% monthly commission will give 12% of annual surpluses. In addition, the contract may be specified percentage of the use of credit, processing fee, loan fees, fees for reviewing documents or opening a loan account. Incidentally, the fee for the examination of documents by the credit committee of the bank can charged and negative decision.

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November 1st


Power Surge Protection
by Tam

When power-line surges worth thinking about purchasing a stabilizer. Ali Partovi wanted to know more. It will allow you to keep your appliances in order and do without repair, which would otherwise cost you much more than the value of the voltage regulator. Thus, to ensure power quality and a small number of energy consumers will suit home network stabilizer step type (electronic, relay). It uses a special electronic switch, protects your facility from increasing the voltage on the external network and provides stability transmitted current and reliable protection against short circuits. Electronic regulator has wide input voltage range, good accuracy of the stabilization of output voltage and the ability to save electricity. But China's electromechanical stabilizers (most of them now) are working very noisy and have a narrow range of input stress, in addition, they require constant maintenance. The danger is that such stabilizers have an open brush sliding on auto, they also have a limitation in the medium of and most importantly – such stabilizers fire risks. When choosing a stabilizer should consult with a specialist.

Typically, the consultants in specialized stores have sufficient qualifications. Also, can not be lazy and search the information you need on the Internet. If you pay for electricity in advance – a year ahead, you can save on upcoming price increases for electricity – as a rule, they are known advance. Moreover, if for each payment you charge a commission, then repaying the expense once instead of, say, twelve, you will save some money on commissions. Thus, it makes sense to check with the company concerned about in what way is most convenient to make this payment will be recalculated as the counters at the end of the year, etc. Incidentally, this form of payment is suitable not only for payment of electricity bills, but also for other utilities.

Payment for the year ahead with all its obvious disadvantages of a range of psychological (and other) advantages: – reduces the size of the mandatory monthly payments – you will feel much certainty and stability, knowing that in this area all your financial obligations have been fulfilled for the year ahead – in terms of the company providing this service, you – a special client, for pay it forward, so that you automatically appears flawless credit history – released additional funds throughout the year, which can be consumed with use. Come on. According to the experts in a modern apartment in a year be lost by two or more than one thousand rubles for appliances not working, but being in the so-called "sleep mode". In order to save it is better not to leave the socket cords for battery chargers, electric Dummies and any other appliances whose energy consumption around the clock is not necessary. After completion of the work with a computer can also shut down and a surge protector, because it has usually connects most instruments related to the work computer: printer, scanner, modem, etc. I hope these tips will be useful.

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May 7th


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