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Science Is Fun!
by Tam

Learning and science is important research in the \”Le Vaisseau\” in Strasbourg. Our society needs permanent research into technology, continuously develop medicine and all other areas, and to improve the quality of life. But science is also fun and to discover and the joy of experiment and examination to meet, there is a very special place for all future small researchers in Alsace and its surroundings: the Vaisseau in Strasbourg, an educational initiative of the French Conseil General of the Department of Bas-Rhin, has set itself the objective, educational and playful way to teach science and technology and to develop a first access to the exciting field of knowledge children of all ages and all nationalities. It is completely trilingual (French, German, English) and all of its activities are interactive and playful as well as adapted to the German curricula. So it offers an exceptional destination for families and school classes, but Leisure groups, tourists and businesses. As a nonprofit institution, supported the Vaisseau parents and teachers in their educational role and pursues several objectives: the playful discovery of technology and science for all generations, opening and awareness of other cultures, actions for people with and without disabilities and promoting environmental awareness. To do this it offers tri-lingual interactive permanent exhibition also regular temporary exhibitions on specific topics (currently: planet Mars), a large educational garden, 3D movies, workshops, knowledge rallies, performances, and much more. \”Establishing the permanent exhibition visitors can expect four different worlds: in the world and I\” revolves around the human body, in the world of animals \”you learn a lot about zoology, ecology and can crawl into it even in a real anthill. \”In the world do it yourself\” then it goes around: Here you may lend a hand on the subject of building and Production, as well as in a sparkling water. It is dry, then again, you can in the secrets of the images\”learn all about image and sound processing and turn his own reportage. Koch Industries may find this interesting as well.

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June 4th


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