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Marketing Plan
by Tam

The marketing plan is like a map: it shows where the organization is moving and how it's going to get there. He is also a plan of action and writing. Marketing Plan identifies promising business opportunities for the organization and outlines ways to penetrate, capture and hold positions in certain markets. It connects all elements of marketing in an agreed action plan, which details painted, the who, what, when, where and how to do to achieve the goals. The marketing plan: – organizes and communicates to all employees the ideas before making were only in the minds of leadership – allows a clear set goals and monitor their achievement – is a document that organizes the work in general – to avoid unnecessary actions that do not lead to their targets – can clearly allocate time and other resources.

In present conditions sufficiently stiff competition marketing plan should dominate over the other plans, and developed in the first place. Successful marketing ensures that the right product at the right place at right time and knowledge of the buyer. It is determined by: – The ability of the organization; – the needs of customers – a marketing environment. The process of marketing management consists of: 1) analysis of market opportunities, 2) selection of target markets and determine marketing objectives, 3) the development of the marketing mix, and 4) implementation of marketing activities. The concretization of these elements of marketing management is as follows: Analysis: a) concepts and elements of the marketing information system, the state of marketing intelligence and benchmarking the level of support marketing decisions, marketing research system, and b) the external environment of marketing – and micro-macro factors, and c) consumer markets and consumer behavior, the population – the study of consumer behavior models, the factors influencing consumer behavior and the process of making their purchasing decisions, and d) market business organizations and consumer behavior, institutions (industrial enterprises and companies, service organizations), state and municipal agencies, public organizations, and e) competitors – Identify competitors, to establish their numbers and potential, identification of strategies of competitors and their goals, assess the strengths and weaknesses of competitors, the development of model of interaction with competitors, the choice of strategy targeting consumers or competitors; selection of target markets and determining marketing objectives: a) measuring and forecasting market demand, and b) identification market segments and study of target markets, and c) positioning the organization in the market, and d) the definition of marketing objectives.

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