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The Future Of Management
by Tam

The ladder must be swept from the top. Russian Proverb considerations, concerns Whither administrative science in the future? What will change? What is its scope, impact? What knowledge, new tools appear? How do start or operate business schools in the training of professionals? What should be the new managerial leadership?, Be some of the many questions that have been generated, according to management behavior, knowledge they contain, as a result of the characteristics of the current economic scenario and the role played by organizations in them.

Concern for many young people who have decided to opt for Master’s degree in administration, what is the future of management, especially given the signs of the economic characteristics, presenting dynamic and constant changes that significantly affect the management, direction the companies. They worry what will be the competencies required of a good manager in the future, what should be the profile and that knowledge must be purchased to ensure a successful performance in the exercise of their profession.

Of course, given the behavior of economic scenarios on the marketing that they experience, where changes are accelerated, generating threats but also opportunities, uncertainties, risks, it is necessary to have a managerial leadership that knows how to interprete, face and create the changes needed to apply the knowledge that science provides administrative and using the proper tools to guarantee favorable results according to how they thrive in business, especially the successful forcing their competitiveness is taken into account. One can not remain anchored with knowledge of the past administrative tools

Changes Many companies are already experiencing changes since its structure, formal structure of operation of the organization, feedback and giving way to more effective departments, operational functions endorsed more productive, less bureaucratic, proactive, less expensive and guaranteed by the performance of trained professionals in their fields All this has led to assess what knowledge is needed must know how to handle the present, how to integrate new concepts, fundamentals of modern management who have given life to new topics managerial, technical, administrative systems to ensure operability, reached by achieving a good integration of all resources involved..

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June 23rd


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