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Successful Brand
by Tam

There is currently an endless variety of products of all kinds on the market, for example, arriving at a store looking for a detergent and you encounter the problem of choosing between dozens of them. In this context, are responsible for differentiate this variety of offerings (marketing networks) brands. Thus, a company known in the market for their high quality standards always will be above others that do not invest in advertising or that they have earned the hatred of their (former) clients. If one occurs just as the competition, customers are going to change to another product: the key is to differentiate themselves and that is the role of branding, repeated in every one of his interviews and speeches, Jeffrey Swystun, catalogued in the United States as the guru of the sector. Which one shall become successful and others not, depends in large part of a good strategy of branding, the main tool for the construction and exploitation of a brand. But, how to build a good branding strategy?, to which elements get more attention? According to some of most renowned entrepreneurs of the world, the following points describe those aspects which are key for successful brand: promises through advertising the brand always makes promises to the customer, for a successful brand it is important that the promises are fulfilled. Differentiate if you look like the competition, what we do is to contribute to strengthen the brand of this.

On the contrary, it’s be innovative and differentiate yourself from the largest and the smallest. Loyalty to your brand commitment begins at home. When neither you nor your collaborators create in a project, it is best to set it aside. Also, if there is no proximity between the brand and the company, it is absurd to expect customers to have it. Great ideas, but not simply simple have a unique product, different and a great idea, this has to be easy to run and communicate. What is important is to have clear ideas that can be easily expressed and remembered.

Emotional bond the most people prefer some brands only by the closeness and trust that feel for them. Sometimes, even, only by tradition.To achieve this should generate their own personality to the brand, which easily relates to customers and can share the same values of these and thus take it finally to a long-term relationship. A line of products new customers generally begin with simple products and low price while familiar with the brand and will slowly turning to more complex and expensive products.


August 27th


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