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Strategic Video Games
by Tam

Strategic video games help the brain in old age work better. Within a decade, neuroscientists at the University of Illinois / USA / studied the effects of computer games on the cognitive skills of men and women over 60 years. After that age milestone in the brain deteriorate the functions associated with the tasks and control activities, including planning and working memory. To study used the game 'Rise of Nations', in which players get points for construction of the city, life support and protection of people, the successful maintenance of the army and expanding territory – that is, people are asked to try himself as the ruler of a fictional world. Executive functions and resource management skills were assessed three times: before, during and after participation in a video game. Testing included detection ability to switch between tasks, the definition of short-term visual memory, argumentation skills and levels of working memory, which indicates whether the brain to store two or more units of information and use them as needed. It turned out that video games have contributed to improving the working memory, improved performance of cognitive tests and speed up brain function. To a lesser degree of success observed in short-term memory and work of visual signals. According to scientists, a professional multi-dimensional training with video games can affect a number of separate components of cognitive skills. Great Medical Encyclopedia

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April 14th


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