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Strategic Urban Planning
by Tam

Strategic Urban Planning Through processes of strategic urban planning (SUP) is desired, in general, to clarify the desired city model and working towards that goal, coordinating public and private efforts, channeling energy, adapting to new circumstances and improving the living conditions of citizens. Strategic planning is a technique that has been applied to many facets of human activity only to mention Sun Tzu, Arthur and Henry Mintzberg Thomson, however, is relatively recent implementation of strategic planning at the urban reality, cities and regions or metropolitan areas and its beginnings are practical and craft: a mixture of thought, techniques and art or expertise. 15 years were enough to practice the technique to spread and organize the first “Meeting of American and European cities to exchange experiences in strategic planning.This meeting, held in Barcelona in 1993, enjoyed the assistance of the Inter-American Development Bank, World Bank, the European Community Commission and the Ibero-American Cooperation. Participated, including the cities of Amsterdam, Lisbon, Lille, Barcelona, Toronto and Santiago de Chile. At that meeting it became clear, among other relevant aspects, that if in the big cities cooperative processes for strategic planning processes, and if you get a reasonable understanding between governments, businesses and a broad representation of agents social, organizational synergies generated so that in the medium term, improve the application of resources and quality of life of citizens.


April 20th


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