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Strategic Marketing
by Tam

The structure of the current pharmaceutical markets tends to concentrate efforts to integrate distributors, pharmacies, sellers and these in turn with end customers, offices so it is necessary to analyze these changes in the pharmaceutical sector and apply strategies that generate competitive advantages to the pharmaceutical industry. The generation of strategies in this specialized field promotes the implementation of strategic plans to curb the movements of the competitor at the structural level and propose solutions that enable effective results. Likewise, innovation, flexibility and increased productivity are of vital importance to maintain the competitive advantage of the Organization through the generation and constant application of pharmaceutical strategies. Pharmaceuticals in Bolivia was and will be mainstay of a great economy, through initiatives, and in some canned cases of an imported pharmaceutical marketing, which promotes conditions for a methodology of work, according to the economic dynamics National. I believe that men of talent as Mr.

Herman Ostertag, Eng. Gunther Van Landwust, Bolivian birth should be named supporters of the bases of this specialty in our Bolivian pharmaceutical structures. The marketing of pharmaceutical products developed in the book of my authorship CORPORTE pharmaceutical strategic is the result of 10 years of research, joining national pharmaceutical companies and you foreign from the strategic bases, such as the sales force and middle managers, fertile ground to learn the basic structure of the marketing of pharmaceutical products, later organizing distribution of precision business systemshighly competitive, by precisely applying the pharmaceutical Strategic Marketing for the future. Pharmaceutical companies working in Bolivia, both national laboratories such as the coming of multinationals compete every day to conquer the prescriptions of the Bolivian doctor and this interest they face strategic challenges in a market depressed by its economy. The doctor, the pharmacist and the ambulatory patient are the starting point for a pharmaceutical Strategic Marketing of relevant character, which can be integrated to our national laboratories, as an average defensive which allow to stop the onslaught of the multinationals.


January 8th


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