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Status For ICQ And Classmates
by Tam

Status – this is our internal state or our mood. Status, we express our feelings and emotions, and confess his love half. No doubt, disclose the soul in a social network and narrate their problems are not pro required. How to choose a quote? For example, the status for a variety of classmates. Here we can choose a status about guys, about love, about girls, etc. You can write any unusual aphorism. But you can be sure that this is exclusively yours.

What status are popular social networks Classmates? This is a statement about their classmates. For example, if you have an optimistic mood, in this case, you can cool napisat aphorism about classmates'-Wow! You finished school in China? -Where did you get? -Met of all your classmates! 'This is the most common status in social networks classmates. And what to do when you want special status, such that it was not like all the others? To do this, take some aphorism has interested you and correct it in their own way. Not very well be, if you put yourself in melancholy aphorism. After all, this kind of sentence may spoil the mood of the readers and detractors will be happy.

Therefore, it is best to put a neutral aphorism, that is, Neither gay nor sad. Invent cool status if you have an optimistic mood. In this status, you can make fun of friends, of course, in a measure, to leave someone a message, or just tell about yourself. Remember that funny quote can lift your mood, not only to your friends and you, but to all visitors who will come to your page. And you know what the most popular aphorism about love? It is – 'I love you! 'Confess your love to your loved one and write about it. Let the whole world knows about your love. Except the words 'I love you' in the status can also write a few nice, kind words to a loved one. And if you can not think of themselves interesting speech, in which case you way to the Internet! Choose the status of your choice and can put on his page. But do not forget to write ugly and obscene remarks should not, because besides you will be reading your status guests and friends.

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December 2nd


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