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Spiceworks – Network Monitoring Tool Windows 7
by Tam

SpiceWorks – a tool for monitoring network of Windows 7 Network administrators and advanced users always feel the need for good tools to monitor the operation of the equipment or network. Spiceworks is such a tool, and also free. In SpiceWorks a help desk, network management software, and tools PC inventory. IT tools statements that are intended to control the various components of IT in small and medium-sized enterprises. In addition, the toolkit website has a number of forums where users can get information. Peter Asaro gathered all the information. For example, there are conducted the discussion on 'tool to check the Blackberry, will it work properly with the Blackberry Server, or use of WMI filters, and use Group Policy for Windows 7. " In other words, users SpiceWorks closely with other users, provide technical assistance on a range of different products and software.

SpiceWorksTV this new tool, which should show users how to work with different elements SpiceWorks. SpiceWorksTV has six channels. These include IT training, IT workshops and reviews products. Customer Care encompasses different countries. This product has support for 19 languages in 20 countries. In the U.S.

alone there are 14 groups of users. Microsoft Chief Financial Officer Peter Klein, said that over the last month in the world sold 10 copies of Windows 7 operating system every second. To date, has already sold 175 million. copies, this is bystroprodavaemaya operating system in history. She is currently installed in more than 15% computers worldwide. The resulting record financial results associated with high sales of Windows 7 and the recently released Office 2010. These Irish research firm StatCounter different from Microsoft. In their view Windows 7 is set to 17.6% computers in the world. The share of the Windows 7 operating system in the world market is growing and continues to displace Windows XP and Windows Vista. As expected the most from Microsoft, the end of 2010 will be sold 300 million copies of Windows 7.

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November 21st


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