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Perfect Building Material
by Tam

Sandwich panels, sandwich panels, sandwich panels – each of these types of material – or rather, in the construction industry have found extensive application. Representing two grading sheet with thermal insulation layer of insulation on the basis of basalt mineral fibers, this material has high resistance to harsh weather conditions, is resistant to moisture and uv light, fire safe. At the same time, sandwich panels are easily installed, reduce the load on the foundation of several times that allows you to make it shallow. Their use allows you to quickly build a building, reducing the time of the introduction of projects in operation. Due to the ease structures – the mass of one square meter of the material ranges from 15 to 30 kg and a protective coating thermo provides an opportunity to build houses for all weather conditions.

Sandwich panels are used in the construction industry globally – for the construction of buildings, cladding, insulation, construction of cryogenic facilities for the installation of the roof. As a material for cladding and sandwich panels, due to extensive color palette and different texture becomes indispensable. Compared with concrete and brick, sandwich panels are characterized by the high heat-insulating qualities, because highly sandwich panels are capable of maintaining the cabinet temperature to -24 C, +40 C outside. Since the complete isolation of the external surfaces of each other, increasing heat-engineering parameters of the material, it greatly reduces the cost of building maintenance. The use of sandwich panels in the construction of prefabricated buildings can significantly reduce cash costs, it is considered useful for industry investment. Poetomutakoy type of construction is always in in great demand. Production technology, which is based on European standards, the output provides high-quality material, which can lower the cost of building materials and construction of additional attributes attached attractive appearance. In this case, the cost of panels for certain domestic production is several times than that of foreign producers, and is absolutely not the same quality.



December 20th


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