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The percentage by ricochet is an indicator that we can be found in programs of analytical Web, traffic statistics or as want to be called they. This value exactly indicates the visits to us that enter our site and they go away having only consulted one page, the page by which accedes, without seeing nothing else. In principle it is a negative value in our site, an indicator to work so that it is more under possible, when creating content interests to us that it interests: if we have baskets the purchase or catalogue in our site, if our objective is the pick up of clients by means of the Web site (with form Web for the information request or contact), if we want that our news or publications by the interest subscribe to towards their content, etc. Mashable does not necessarily agree. Will be our work trying that indicator is more under possible. However, if we are a dictionary, it is not our indicator of quality of our site: the user looks for a word in the finder, we already know that I talk about Google, and the result is the definition of our dictionary, user, enters our site, acquires the asked for data and, logically he goes away. It is these cases, that they can very be varied, is not a percentage that really must worry to us minimum, although each case is special and we must select the indicators that are adapted more to our needs. An optimal percentage does not exist by ricochet, the Web sites are all different ones to each other and, obvious, each sector is well different. Everything depends than we want to secure with our Web site. Also we have a high percentage or no, always it is possible to be improved and through analysis of the site and of each page composes that it of individualized form or global form we will be being able to see the reduction of this indicator.



November 30th


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