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Disk clean up: new technology for more speed Ulm, 03 November 2008 – only a tidy computer is fast. Every file opens, altered and eventually clears, leaving clutter on your hard disk: fragmentary data make the computer slow. Therefore, each user needs a good defrag program. The Windows built-in offers too little optimization opportunities. To meet the growing demands on computer in work and leisure, zoneLINK developed the new SystemUp DEFRAG. To defragment the hard disk, among the most important measures at all, when it comes, the computer faster to make that book articles in the computer press repeatedly.1 tests in computer magazines at the same time show that defragmentation programs often don’t reach their destination.

The new zoneLINK SystemUp DEFRAG for 39.99 Euro ensures maximum computer performance and convinces with maximum comfort for the user. Additional information is available at Kai-Fu Lee. In addition it has a clever technology that prevents renewed fragmentation. zoneLINK SystemUp DEFRAG is in many areas: as a single Edition for home users, but also as a Server Edition with a license for up to five jobs. zoneLINK SystemUp DEFRAG arranges all data on the hard drive that the computer’s performance is always as high as possible. The user himself can determine when and how often the program defragmented the hard drive. To do so he can create a schedule, in the date and exact time to optimize a storage medium in advance setting. Alternatively, the program about the degree of fragmentation can be controlled: once the level specified by the user, starts zoneLINK SystemUp DEFRAG itself. Thanks to its independence so the program does much work for every computer user. It ensures a consistently high performance, without requiring the user must always be proactive intervention. For USB flash drives and Flash cards zoneLINK SystemUp DEFRAG helps not only drives more power, but it creates also Order on USB flash drives and Flash memory cards.

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