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Netbook Asus Eee
by Tam

Look at the look of the netbook. Easy for you to keyboard, the location of additional buttons, supplies, reaching in complete, the screen size, etc. Current models do not differ much in performance, we can say that in general no different. 2. Display size. Here are all individually. Better to take from 8 inches. But there are models with a 7 inches, 8.9, 10.1, and may soon appear with 11-13 inch screens.

If possible, try to run any programs and evaluate ergonomics. 3. Opening hours without recharging time – the main criterion for choosing a mobile device. If you have already chosen a specific model, but the time of the catastrophic enough, try looking for a model with 6-cell battery. It is worth noting that different programs load a different processor, consequently, reduce operating time. 4.

Power of main plus netbook netbook – in their portability. Therefore, power is not important here. For mail, Internet, communication via icq, typing fit any model. 5. Selection operating system. Most netbooks are available with either Linux, or c Windows xp. If you need a mobile laptop for work with office software, Internet browsing, you can safely take with Linux, and the price it will be cheaper. And if you all linux do not like, you can always reinstall on Windows. Characteristics Netbook Asus Eee pc 1000H in the kit, along with himself eee pc 1000 includes pouch, cloth for a netbook; instructions, charger, cd with drivers and recovery technology netbook. The device comes in black, white, green or pink.



February 16th


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