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Need Effective Ventilation
by Tam

– Quality control prevents costly adjustments later. (As opposed to Pete Cashmore). – Measuring the effectiveness of ventilation systems can help overcome Problems with finding their client. – Good ventilation with due quality control necessary to achieve the following conditions: Ensuring the health of people located in the premises; providing quality products in manufacturing plants; most staff productivity; more comfort people in public buildings, restaurants or shops. Immediately raises the question of financial investment required to of measuring or assessing the effectiveness of ventilation. This question should answer itself contractor.

In any case, the money will be wasted if measures to improve the quality of ventilation will improve customer satisfaction. Provide fresh air, the removal of contaminants Ventilation is necessary to remove contaminants, to supply outdoor (hopefully – fresh) air into the room and sometimes for removal of excess heat. In this guide, the main emphasis is on indoor air quality, this does not address controlling the temperature to ensure thermal comfort. Concentration and distribution of contaminants is closely connected with the motion of the air, so fresh air can remove stale or polluted air. Can be shown that the supply of fresh air and removal of contaminants are substantially different sides of the same problems. The sufficiency of air can generally be assessed by its ability to maintain a sufficiently low concentration of pollutants at a given point.

The influence of the multiplicity of recirculation on the efficiency of ventilation in the conventional air conditioning systems of the exhaust air is given to recycling, where the air mixes with outside air and air-handling unit and then fed back into the room. This method reduces the power needed to cool the air if the recirculating air is colder outside. In However, at high intensity recycling indoor air quality deteriorates.

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June 29th


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