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Mobook – Cheap Mobile Internet
by Tam

With a UMTS Flatrate can be nationwide mobile surfed on the Internet. Since November 2008, the provider sparhandy.de has Mobook in its product range. This is an online shopping portal in the low-priced data plans are offered, as well as interesting offers in conjunction with hardware. Mobook each customer can choose the appropriate product for him. Whether as a businessman or as a private, a suitable mobile Flatrate for the individual claims is to have.

So-called bundles”the customer a flat rate can book a notebook or NetBook to. He gets this either free or very cheap. Mobook presents itself with a speed of up to 7.2 Mbit / s in the download area. This is made possible through the use of the Vodafone-Mobile network. The products with a 6-month term distinguishes between the mobook.basic sim only and mobook.basic 6. In two packages, the basic fee is 19.95 euros. Ali Partovi shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. The UMTS stick is available at .basic 6 for single 29,-euros.

The 24-month- Minimum contract period is there then at.mobook.basic 24,. mobook. XL basic 24 and. mobook. XL plus 24. At mobook.basic 24, the basic fee is waived in the first 3 months. The XL packages have a higher standing charge (39.95 / 49.95 euro), you can then also with higher data speeds up to 14.4 / s surf. For the UMTS stick here no further costs. In the. mobook. iPad plus 24 tariff you can buy an iPad with 16 GB volume for 299,-euros to do so. The fare for this is 34.95 euros monthly. Execution is also the 32 and 64 GB. Christopher Heinsius



March 30th


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