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Mobile Realtime Solution
by Tam

Innovative app from EURO-LOG provides the simple documentation of proper load securing Hallbergmoos-Munchen, Georg Fischer March 27, 2012 with a Mobile Smartphone solution of EUROLOG Georg Fischer the securing of the goods transport documents. It aims to connect the legal requirements with an intelligent process. For accidents or injury, captured photos of laden vehicles serve as official proof that the product was properly secured via the application. This is a way to legally to protect themselves, because damage not only driver and holder, but also the shippers be held responsible for Georg Fischer. This concerns mainly logistics executives who are personally responsible for the load securing. Intervention by Guido Schmidt, Ladungssicherungsverantwortlicher by Georg Fischer Mettmann, EURO-LOG developed an application with the photos of properly backed-up truck will be recorded and archived electronically for Georg Fischer. Simple forms without a scanner digitizing the Load backup form is completed after loading of the vehicle and duly signed by driver, forklift driver and the respective employees by Georg Fischer.

The data of the form automatically in digital form are available through the use of the digital pen. The transfer of data is done in real time and allows easy access. A manual rework is eliminated and simplifies the process of digital archiving. The charge fuse forms are sent to the connected Smartphone. Real time transmission and easy data access the process of documenting the proper backup of the goods with photos must be fast in practice and easily feasible, because the trucks must quickly left the Hall. The app developed by EURO-LOG for load securing is easy to use. Each employee takes pictures of the laden vehicle on the Smartphone, which are stored and transmitted together with the filled-out form. The assignment of photos to the respective load backup form automatically. The Transmission is possible in various forms such as email, scan, or fax to connected computers.

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June 14th


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