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Mathematics New Technology
by Tam

Ensino of the Mathematics through the New Technologies SERGIO SAINTS DE JESUS Summary This scientific article describes the necessity and the importance that the New Technologies of Information and Communication can bring practical the educational ones in education of the mathematics. The objective of the work is to show to optimum process of teach-learning through the use of methodologies ' ' inovadoras' ' having a pedagogical boarding ' ' tradicional' ' a new methodology based in a vision ' ' inovadora' ' through the use of the computer and educational medias, in a construtivista pedagogical perspective for the education of the mathematics. The theoretical referencial is based on the construtivistas theories. Giving to emphasis in text and authors who defend an education each more playful time through the NTIC, creating surrounding educational of total descontrao giving the chance of the proper pupil to be the construction agent of its knowledge with the disciplined development of the logical-deductive reasoning. PALAVRAS-CHAVE: Pedagogia construtivista; Mathematical education; Technology; Necessity; Computer. Introduction the computer in our way introduced obtains a consequence series our society that passed if to transform the moment all, the medias, the knowledge, the signs, the economic system and until the proper society. But with these transformations I trim myself to perceive that the values, the customs and the interests follow these transformations. Therefore one knows that the computer would not be simply plus a eletroeletrnico in the society and yes a half generator of technological knowledge capable to change the world where if lives.

In the educational scope it can be said that the educators had always looked to the rock ' ' filosofal' ' , that is, optimum way of if taking the knowledge to educating. The education could not be of is of the NTIC (New Technologies of Information and Communication). Therefore many children and young had grown inserted in the world where the NTIC influence all basically the sectors of the society, moreover, these children and young of today are very different of the lived ones for our parents and professors, pass for experiences much more computerized, know the language, the audiovisual, the television, the cinema, the films, the modern videos digital games, toys, thus, this young possesss the ability to handle or even though to create programs to compute.



January 26th


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