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Masterly Cooking Profession At The Highest Level
by Tam

“delphi gastro training course offered: (ie) the chef say has in the kitchen”, Managing Director Armin Wenge white. As specialists and executives in the hospitality industry responsible for the planning, production and marketing of food and services in its operation.” After the Chamber of Commerce, the graduates find positions in hotels, gastronomy and catering. Due to demographic change, highly qualified professionals are sought desperately by the industry. All participants and participants have already completed chef training and an at least four-year professional experience. During the several months period of the master chef, they get an excellent education, which ends with a practical final exam before an independent panel of the IHK competent lecturer team. But until that time, the graduates must get even the necessary tools. So are on the aspects of Economics and business administration, law and tax extensive timetable such as corporate governance, controlling or accounting, human resources, information management, and communications. We convey in”beyond action-specific qualifications, so Wenge next.

After the course to our chef lead employees and operations plan, perform and monitor.” Also, the participants get mediated, as are procured food and kitchen appliances, food technology and nutrition knowledge applied, advise guests and marketed products from the own House. Another important point is to provide of the substantive competence and maturity, to educate young people to chefs. But the delphi chef course offers even more. Trained are not only specialists in the middle management level. After passing the master examination, each graduate has the general qualification for university entrance, which entitles him to degree courses at colleges or universities. Information: the Cologne-based company delphi gastro training is a division of delphi safety GmbH. Managing Directors Dipl.-ing.

Armin Wenge has already hygiene assurance schemes such as the paperless Autocontrol system developed in 1995. 15 years ago, he founded the Cologne kitchen HACCP circuit 44. Since then, the company has grown steadily. Founded in 2002, delphi Lebensmittelsicherheit GmbH employs nine employees, 15 hygiene officers and twelve hygiene inspectors. 23 lecturers and a collaborator in the administration work for the delphi gastro training. 2010, the company generated a turnover of 550,000 euros. Of 80 percent accounted for by food safety and 20 percent to the delphi gastro training.



December 26th


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