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Internet gateway with remote access without additional VPN installation Augsburg / Ettringen, 20.02.2013 – in a joint project of the Internet gateway manufacturer LINOGATE and the IT system House COMPUTENT the connection of the innovative COMPUTENT secure USB to the Internet gateway DEFENDO developed. The stick allows now outside of a corporate network via a remote connection access to the internal data network to maintain user devices, without, that a VPN solution must be previously installed on the devices. Easy remote access this meets all criteria of a highly secure data connection by encryption using Secure Shell 2 (SSH-2). The intention to expand the performance spectrum of DEFENDO Internet gateways by LINOGATE stood at the beginning of the cooperation of the two IT companies. The Internet-gateway Augsburger manufacturers developed high quality Gateway appliances, providing valuable features such as firewall, mail server, Web pages filter, virus scanner and much more available for secure Internet access of undertaking. Only the remote access to the internal corporate network required even the installation of VPN software to external clients.

Here was the COMPUTENT secure USB the ideal solution. The IT specialist COMPUTENT in Ettringen is a safe and fast remote solution that is easily started without a previous VPN installation on user devices via USB stick or app. It is connected only the COMPUTENT secure USB flash drive to the client or the COMPUTENT secure app for iPhone and iPad launch and a secure SSH-2 data tunnels to the desired PC on the corporate network is made after entering the access data. The data connection then all programs and files of the Office PC can be 1:1 use. This solution was now fully integrated into the Internet gateway concept by LINOGATE. The result is the RDP2DEFNDO called USB-stick, which now makes it possible to secure data access through the Internet gateway DEFENDO in the internal LAN on the Terminal Server. We were looking for a suitable partner, of the remote connections via our gateway could make comfortable”, explains Thomas Scholz, Managing Director of LINOGATE.

COMPUTENT safe and easy solution we can offer the customers now powerful gateways, also have the easy-to-set-up remote desktop solution in addition to many valuable features”, so Scholz continue. Also employees could use now for any device to gain access to the internal data network and thereby achieved considerably more flexibility in their work, added proxy LINOGATE also Volker lang. Corinna Goring, Managing Director of COMPUTENT, it was a successful cooperation thanks to the two different solutions for an innovative solution with greater comfort and performance could be merged.

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