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KANADE Advanced Composites
by Tam

Just invest in the true values of the economy during the financial crisis, where many investors simply are afraid to invest their money in the speculative KANADE Advanced Composites AG offers the possibility of investing in permanent, down-to-Earth values. “In the manufacturing and development of innovative products with the predicate made in Germany”! The KANCH Advanced Composites AG offers interested investors voting participation in the profit and loss of the company at an estimated payout of up to 12% p.a. with a minimum deposit from Euro 5.000,-and a minimum holding period of five years. Allows Know-How potential of the company, are these excellent yield by unique and unrivalled product range, which serves many industries, such as E.g. apparatus, chemistry, electronics, semiconductor technology, high temperature technology, aviation and space engineering, medical technology, nuclear technology, solar technology, environmental technology, military technology, u.v.m.. And last but not least is the high payout ratios State eligibility already attested by the InvestitionsBank Sachsen-Anhalt amounting to up to 50% of the volume of investment collateral. More details are described on. In the long term the participation in our company is unbeatable!.

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January 5th


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