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Internet Business
by Tam

Network Marketing and Internet Businesses is the order of the day. The information age is not no secret that the Internet business opportunities are increasing and more accessible. Develop an online business of any kind: traditional sales, services, network marketing, multi etc, is “truly” easy, fun, fun. Why, then, most do not do it? Let’s review the following information: between 95% and 98% of people starting an MLM business, give up. Only between 2 and 5% reaches the first year of business. the vast majority of workers in MLM, you have no idea how to make marketing your business.

dozens of books talk about how wonderful the MLM industry, its countless benefits of the fortunes that can reach. But very few or almost none tell you how. HOW TO GENERATE WEALTH ESA. The good news is that 95% of those who persevere in the Internet business, after 10 years, they can achieve fortunes ever imagined. And here we sense the great flaw. Much of the literature talks about an industry that is born with certain methods, perhaps valid for 60 years ago that could have been effective in that time, but today, with advances in technology in the information age definitely are obsolete. Many of them speak of the need to engage in the first place to “go after” the hot list (acquaintances, family and friends) and make it the first affiliate to MLM company. But if we review the history of MLM millionaires current, mostly Americans, but also many Spanish, some Mexican, some Colombian and Latin American friends make their way in this world of Internet Network Marketing for the height of the great gurus American Marketing, What we see in common between them? Among other things, that: none pursues prospects.


May 7th


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