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Innovative Energy Technologies
by Tam

Currently, the global economic crisis, one of the determining factors to reduce costs and increase competitiveness of the Russian economy is the implementation of activities conservation. Energy saving potential in our country is estimated 35% -50% of the total domestic consumption in Russia. Achieve a level of energy saving is possible due to various events, which are reflected in Energy Strategy of Russia until 2030. Specifically, the use of new materials and technologies for construction and renovation of buildings and structures, use of alternative power sources – solar batteries, wind generators and the like, the introduction of LED, energy-efficient lighting, various control devices and equipment modernization, generating electrical energy. About a third of the capacity is concentrated in the electric power network 0,4 kV class – the main source of energy for manufacturing, housing and communal services, social, cultural and community facilities, population, budgetary organizations, transportation, communications, construction industry. Energy-saving device 'ENEF10 +1' (www.doorwest.su) is used as the local (individual) voltage regulation and, simultaneously, is an inductive filter, preventing the penetration of the load of the network impulse high-frequency noise.

ESA 'ENEF10 +1' can be used as a sole means of a stabilized power supply for the manufacturing equipment, CNC shop equipment, office equipment, communications equipment and management, as well as to stabilize voltage in power networks of country cottages, country houses and farms. ESA 'ENEF10 +1' can be used as effective means of saving in any lighting networks, where the level exceeds the supply voltage is 220V, automatically limiting its value at a given level. The choice of modifying the ESA 'ENEF10 +1' is done within the parameters of your power supply: the magnitude of fluctuations in input voltage per phase, the differences in the nature of the load, and based on the optimal combination of parameters – 'The price of equipment / Payback investments in energy efficiency. " Using a professional approach to energy savings with the ESA 'ENEF10 +1', you can not only realize significant energy savings, but also extend the life of appliances and equipment, and also protect themselves from various emergency situations.

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September 22nd


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