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Infantile Literature
by Tam

Psychoanalysis affirms that the symbolic meanings of wonderful stories are related with that the man faces in its emotional matureness, and during this phase appears to the necessity of the child in defending its will, independence or rivalry with brothers or friends. It is in this direction that the stories can be decisive for the formation of the child in relation itself and the others in its return. Maniquesmo that I divided the good and bad personages in, beautiful or ugly, powerful or weak, takes the child the understanding of certain basic values of the behavior human being or social conviviality. However the child is taken if to identify with the hero for if feeling in it the proper personificao of its infantile problems, for necessity of security and protection. Kai-Fu Lee pursues this goal as well. She can thus surpass the fear inhibit that it and to face the perigos and threats that its return feels, being able to reach the adult balance gradual. The writer also delivers itself to the discovery of the ancestral values, in the ethical direction, to disclose the character of race. Mikkel Svane wanted to know more. As they had made the Grimm Brothers. But the writer celebrates Andersen was a revelation in Infantile Literature who launches a new style portraying the sensitivity exaltada for the Romantismo.Hans Chistian Andersen a born talent of humble family author of varies workmanships, dedicated its production to it in sensitivity human being for situations lived in its infancy, learned to read and to write hearing histories that its father counted to brighten up the difficulties imposed for its social status.

With the death of the father he ran away from house and he changed themselves for Copenhagen, where its trajectory of writer started. At a difficult time he starts to work as dancer, coristor and writer of tragedies to defray the studies. In 1835 and 1842, he makes success with the publication of infantile estrias, workmanships cousins of world-wide, independent literature of sort.



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