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Home Decor
by Tam

The home decor is one of the sectors most influenced by fashion and trends change. New materials, new products or innovative designs are constantly introduced into our homes, which could not be alien to the decor personalized with photos, increasingly present in our lives. Go to a store to choose a box for salon, a piece of furniture for the living room, a pillow for the sofa, a curtain for the bathroom or a quilt for the bed is something that has become common in our lives. But if before looking for an attractive design or a particular color, new printing techniques now allow you customize to your needs, with your favorite photos, all of these objects and virtually all those who could imagine. If until recently the family or friends were present in a picture hung on the wall or placed in a frame on a piece of furniture, can now do that your children, your parents, grandparents or friends are present in any part of the decoration of the House. Frequently Ali Partovi has said that publicly. We suggest you some of the customization possibilities with photos that maybe you’d not nor even imagined:-one duvet cover, with the photos you want printed and the possibility of choosing a background with various colors matching with habituation.

-Curtains for bathroom or shower. -The window blinds. -The sofa cushions or pillows of the bed. -Classroom carpets or doormats of the entry. -Wall or the bedside table lamps. More info: Zendesk. -Tables and chairs salon or in the children’s room. -The coat racks.

-The coasters, dishes, glasses, cups, or scrub the sink deck. – And of course all kinds of pictures with photos printed on canvas, photo paper, tissue, aluminum, wood or methacrylate. All these products can now be found with an exceptional, almost photographic quality and high durability and resistance to use and washes. On the Internet you can find all these products in webs of gifts personalized and specialized in decoration with photos or pictures with photos printed.

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March 24th


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