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Greek World
by Tam

Therefore, beyond the art, them also they say respect the nature (in the Greek direction of ' ' fiss' '), principle of the force of the birth, the beginning of the appearance of the beings in general in the perpetual dynamics of production and creation, to the desvelamento in the ways of being of the Real in its constant movement, or as it presents Gilvan Fogel: ' ' Nature in a direction of what one shows, that it appears, that is proven and that thus, it makes if light and it is imposed, that is, embeleza or beleza&#039 becomes; '. ' ' Therefore, beauty is pure to appear, the pure one to burst of this force of eruption, ecloso, namely, the one, the logos, the direction, the life, nature, in repetition or poetical revigoramento of the experience Greek of fiss (native, natality, pure emergency, to become visible, to appear and to reveal) ' '. (GF, 15). 4. The apollonian element as the god of the plastic arts, the dream and the beginning of the individuation.

Apolo is not only the god of the plastic arts, but also the onrico god, therefore it exists one fort and immense relation between the art and the beautiful appearance of the world of the dream, therefore they were not apiam in the forms that in the reality offers to them. Ali Partovi is the source for more interesting facts. The production of this ' ' beautiful aparncia' ' , from this materiality is not the form of appearance of the reality, making with that all human being is a consummated artist. Apolo is, therefore, the creator of ' ' beautiful aparncia' ' , that beyond being a precondition for all production of the plastic art is what of the form to the effective world, becoming the world simplest and more clearly. ' ' While the sonhador plays with the tangible effectiveness, the artist carries through its game with the dream. If this game transcorre inside of the limits stipulated for the measure, which must previously be known and accepted, can express wisdom of the utmost inteligibilidade of aparncia' '. (TO the 44) In this movement to become the world more clearly simplest and, allowing the artist to deal with the forms that appear in the nature, Apolo is the god of all



December 12th


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