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Germany TaxiMunich
by Tam

Do with what app you get a taxi in Munich the fastest? Order a taxi by app. This is totally hot. Only: How and what taxi app is the best? Mobile in Germany e.V. “, Germany’s young Automobile Club, has compared to live.” First, there is the “TAXI-MuNCHEN EC in Munich-app. It is the free APP of the taxi-Munich EC, gives orders to more than 3,000 taxis registered in Munich.

What nobody knows: works soon also throughout Germany for taxi stations in over 40 major cities or otherwise displays the direct extension of a provider. The TAXI-Munich APP is a TAXI Association APP it practically soon. Secondly there is the nationwide taxi app mytaxi.” Mytaxi was founded in June 2009 by Joe Mewes and Sven Kulper. mytaxi was not only the first taxi app in the world, but is the market leader among the taxi apps with 35,000 of affiliated taxis and over 7 million downloads worldwide. And the two apps can do that: you determine the position of the passenger by GPS show free taxis, in the vicinity of the Passenger receives the expected arrival in meters and minutes and can track in real time the ordered taxi. Both apps allow also extras such as a greater taxi ordering, order a taxi to a specific point in time, order a child seat, etc.

The passenger gets a confirmation via SMS or will be contacted directly by the driver. So far so good. Both taxi apps sound quite interesting. So in theory. But what is the practice test? Mobile in Germany e.V.”is sending two testers on Munich’s streets: Fabian continues with the Munich taxi EC”app and Ludwig tests the mytaxi”- app. Cinematically held everything in a few minutes and see under the following are checked: who gets faster a taxi? How is the operation of the app? And who is faster at the agreed destination point? Already when you open the app, as well as during the ordering process there are first differences.



April 21st


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