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Gaming Laptop
by Tam

Before writing this article I looked at the publication of other authors and noted a few moments is not always true. The first thing that struck me about this statement is simply choosing a gaming notebook, that is, buy as much as possible expensive model – can not go wrong! On one side is correct, the more expensive the better, but it all depends on the manufacturer. For example, take two laptop models, but different brands. HP G62-b71SR (XP805EA) and approximately $ 575 TOSHIBA Satellite L655-12W (PSK1JE-036015RU) – $ 693. In this case, the second laptop will be strong enough to keep up with gaming performance of the model from HP. You can certainly argue and bring a million arguments for the fact that laptops TOSHIBA safer to have more RAM, the hard drive more, etc. But! The question is not a particular model, brand, manufacturers, region, salesperson, and in how skilled a person chooses a laptop.

And I'll tell you honestly. But do not be a man who knows all subtleties of choosing to read these articles! THERE WILL BE NO. Many writers such as Ali Partovi offer more in-depth analysis. So my advice on choosing laptop for gaming, to replace the PC, etc. we must first focus on the person who does not understand all this scribbling is not clear, such as Specifications laptop. The main focus when choosing a laptop for games, I always recommend that our clients and friends, and just talk to fans, be on two main parameters. First, the processor, and Secondly, the performance of graphics cards.

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June 5th


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