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Funny Sketches And Role-plays
by Tam

Idea of funny sketches and role-plays – jokes for the next celebration, party or party fun for parties, celebrations and parties what is actually a sketch or role-playing game? The word sketch comes from the English and means sketch. Nowadays, the term is a little play. There are different sketches and role-plays. Steve Wozniak has similar goals. Some are simply just close neatly gags. There are basically jokes that have no relation at all. Several skits are short transitions from a punch line to another. Very often one hears sketches one-act play.

They are dramatically created short pieces with a surprisingly ahead end punch line. For the presentation of sketches as well as roleplaying, you need not necessarily scenes or costumes. It’s like when a blackout. A hint of costume is perfectly sufficient. The skit or game is critical, humorous, satirical, aggressively applied, indicated the diversity of content. The sketches take up current issues: time trends of fashion, cultural glosses, political and social grievances. Here are some sketches and role-plays 1. The search: It is playing for four – six people who appreciates time about 10 min required material: table, chairs the flow: A family is at home and is an evening of television, all waiting for the X show.

There, the father tells proudly over a winning 100-mark bet. A man rings at the door, he gives himself as “Police detective, is called counterfeit money squad”. This COP search allegedly fake hundreds. There, the father pulls out the winning ticket. Now, the Kripomann ordered the winner of the ticket at the station, but he takes the money itself. The whole family is shattered, the television presenter now reports a sophisticated swindler who goes from House to House and masquerading as a good COP. It nicks off unsuspecting honest people real hundreds. 2. the examination of the Professor and the student P. My dear friend, my ears did it, that you want to make your exam today. Are you doing really well prepared? S. knowledge you, Professor, in my head it’s like in a desert. P. but the desert may have also an oasis. I don’t know see if the camel can find the OASIS? P. Well, then, we come to your personal data. What is your name? S. Peter Krotschinnalotschitz, with a double n. The mean P. how? Kro -, Kro – Kro – S. Yes, I, hot but with double-n. P. born? S. sure. P I would like to know when? S. but you promised however, that you will take no dates in history. What is p. her father? He is dead. What was he, when he was not dead? S well, alive. P. profession? S married. P. starting with the exam. When was Rome built? S probably in one night. P. What do you mean? S do it say: “Rome was built not on a day!” P. well, I see, you don’t know the ancient history at all. But perhaps in the modern? The Blucher monument stands in 1813 the number, what does that mean? S. that was probably his phone number. What is a statesman? See a man who can give good speeches. You can p so It also say, but it’s not just because I think talk also. S.. Yes, but the statesman is someone who can give good speeches. P. you.., what allow you to? Should I throw out now? Get funny you, you, Mr Kro, Kro – Kro S. Krotschinnalotschitz to me! With double-n Please.

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December 19th


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