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Both film directors have declared who do not understand the criterion that he has pushed the Academy of Cinema to make this decision. The subject also has generated controversial in the forums of Internet. The Academy has prohibited that the minors of 16 can gain a Goya. The decision of the Academy of Cinema to prohibit that the minors of 16 years can choose to a Goya prize has brought about the first reactions in the cinematographic world and the Network. The director of cinema David Trueba, in declaracione that gathers, has accused the Academy to sin of " certain tendency to paternalismo" with this measurement. First of all, to Trueba it would have liked " that &quot had been more debate; on the subject, since it does not know clearly the reasons for this change in the Goya.

And it has reproached to the Academy that, like could not avoid of another way that the minors were voted, has decided on the prohibition. " Since we cannot change what people vote, we are going to organize the vote to them of a way that cannot vote to nios" , it has interpreted. To Trueba it seems to him seems that " if somebody works in one pelcula" , it has the age that it has, would be " equal or or equal of evil that gains premio" . However, it thinks that there would be " to analyze what has been of the children who gained the Goya". Also Montxo Armendriz has been pronounced in the same terms. During a digital encounter that has maintained in ElEconomista.es, the director has insisted on which he does not understand " the criterion to exclude nios": " It would be solved causing that only entered to comprise of the Academy from 16" , it wrote. To Armendriz, " to say that it is made not to formentar competitividad" it seems to him " hipcrita" considering that the society already is in charge to foment that competitiveness by itself. The rest of film directors maintains, so far, silence.

The Academy has justified the prohibition having argued that the children who gained a Goya " they happened to be member assets of the Academy, which implies nonindispensable legal circumstances to menor" and in which " it can bring about to the minors of 16 years a series of external factors that condition their professional development and personal". Controversy in the Network the decision of the Academy also has been questioned in several forums of Internet. In a survey published in, the votes received during Tuesday and the morning of this Wednesday they indicated that 82% of the participants considered " injusta" the measurement. " He is not better to make a norm than it says that if a young one gains a Goya, it cannot accede to be member assets of the Academy until it fulfills the majority of age? " , the cat with boots, thus refuting one of the expositions of the Academy thought the user. On the other hand, yomismoconmigo is surprised of which the children " they have age to work, but not so that they recognize the merits to him if they do bien". Similar opinions abound in social networks like Twitter, where the label #goyaunder16 (Goya below the 16, in English) has become trending topic, that is to say, one of the mentioned subjects more of the day. Source of the news: David Trueba and Montxo Armendriz, against which the children cannot choose to a Goya



December 11th


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