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Equivalent Privacy
by Tam

If neighboring access points will be the same manufacturer, they will have the same default SSID, and the total probability that unauthorized users will be able to unknowingly connect to your access point, and not to his own. Well, of course, for the new SSID in no case should use the personal information. After all, it can easily view the fans vardrayvinga. Code.org: the source for more info. Vardrayving (English Wardriving) is the process of finding and cracking vulnerable access points, wireless Wi-Fi networks a person or group of persons, equipped with a portable computer with Wi-Fi-adapter. For the spatial search and localization points used vehicle.

(Hence the name – combat driving). Simply put, men, equipped with special equipment, can simply ride around the city by car and look for 'Dowload' access point Internet. Passwords and codes:) For the protection of Wi-Fi networks from being intercepted, two protocol encryption – WEP (Wired Equivalent Privacy) and WPA (Wi-Fi Protected Access). WEP is easy to hack, because mathematically it contains multiple vulnerabilities that allow, for interception of particular the number of packets in a couple of minutes to guess the password. This applies to both 64 and in the 128-bit encryption. 128-bit encryption key brute force to pick up is not possible (at the present level of development of information technology on this require too much time), but you can use some features of this method of encryption to intercept packages with a password. 64-bit-encryption is broken by a simple enumeration of a few hours. WEP is the weakest protocol, but at the moment it is still widely distributed and supported by virtually all the equipment.

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August 15th


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