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Employee Of A Cologne Car Insurance Bake And Cook For Charity
by Tam

Charity day donations this year in favor of the victims in Japan, we want to help and make something do something good! “, two years ago contemplated the Cologne-based car insurance AdmiralDirekt.de GmbH employees and called the Charity Day in the life. Since then, bake, Cook and schnibbeln them every three months for your colleagues, but first and foremost for a good cause. Salads, cake or Christmas cookies by employees for employees who can eat the homemade goodies for a donation are provided depending on the occasion. So cancer kinder e.V. got together last year already 1000,-euro for the Association.

This year, the employees made again delicious souvenirs from the local cuisine on the tables: in addition to the charity salad, bake or Christmas days there on the occasion of the HRS business runs the Charity Noodels Day, where tasty pasta salads and pasta dishes waiting for the hungry colleagues. In this way, 500,-euro together come in addition to additional Huftgold. With the promise of Managing Director of AdmiralDirekt.de GmbH, the collected sum to double, as well as a further injection of funds by the management team, were 200 euro more than in the previous year as a total of 1.200,-euros of donation available! Due to recent events, staff as donation recipients have opted for the Japan help of the German Red Cross. The money was passed on May 12, 2011 the German Red Cross and the staff hopes to be able to make a small contribution to. There are still regular Charity days at AdmiralDirekt.de, homemade desserts, treats from distant lands or the Salad Day cherished by the colleagues are planned.



December 21st


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