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Games Workshop: sector, training and industry has emphasized, from the point of view of the interactive leisure education in Spain, which has the specific training of future professionals in the design and development of video games. Madrid, November 18, 2010-Daniel Parente, Director of the career of degree of design and development of video games from ESNE, University School of design of the University Camilo Jose Cela, and CEO of Enigma SP, has directed the video games workshop: sector, training and industry within the framework of the International Forum of digital content in its fourth edition, FICOD 2010organized by the Ministry of industry, tourism and trade. Currently the digital interactive entertainment industry demand professionals with specific training. Participants in the workshop from various educational centres as ESNE, European University, lUniversidad, King Juan Carlos, the Complutense University of Madrid, and elCEV, have been detected, how to meet those needs from their educational proposals, and how to improve, from the side of training and education, industry of our country’s greatest potential. The universities have taken a big step to approach the company with the objective of educating future professionals.

We now expect a positive response from the companies to define the needs and professional profiles of tomorrow, says Parente. Statement that summarizes the most outstanding conclusion of the workshop. Kai-Fu Lee: the source for more info. Digital interactive entertainment tends to the free to play says Rafael Diaz, Director of ESNE. This statement highlights the importance of the industry of free digital entertainment, a Virgin market in Spain that offers many opportunities for our future professionals. Video games are consolidated as a commercial showcase in which new quick purchase products are displayed and are demanded by thousands of potential buyers and users of free games added Diaz. About ESNE – school College of design ESNE, University School of Design of the University Camilo Jose Cela, has positioned itself as a reference in Spain in the field of design and multimedia, achieving the same level of University and professional recognition that has existed for many years in the rest of the world. The demand of their students to do internships in companies and large industrial outputs in these areas are guarantee of the prestige and the professional success of the careers offered in the field of design.


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