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Dealing with Spam
by Tam

And if this address suddenly start receiving a lot of spam, You will always be able to close it, and then without harm to themselves to open a new one. Also, when you sign up, or simply publish your e-mail address in the web, do not do this, first it is not encrypted. Since there special programs known as "spiders" that search as "robots" roam the site and collect all e-mail addresses found in their path. To solve this problem there are several ways, for example, use the special program that will make your email address to a bunch of incomprehensible for spam "spiders" characters. And in the browser it will look exactly the same as you used to see him.

And if someone clicks on an encoded address, happens exactly the same thing – to open e-mail program. Some of these programs you can download for free on this page: In addition to programs for encoding e-mail addresses, there are a variety of services, for example. It's absolutely free intelligent spam filtering system that will help you easily reduce the amount of unwanted mail, and check all incoming mail for the presence of viruses. Use This system is quite simple, so to describe it in detail does not make sense, since you can easily find out for yourself. Also, as a protection against spam are applied graphics e-mail addresses. This provides protection against "Spiders" because these do not have sufficient intelligence to recognize patterns. Naturally this method can only be used on its own website.

True, he has one significant drawback. If your visitor in the browser will display graphics disabled, your IP address, he will never see. Still, some users are using this method of spam protection: instead of the dog @ icon, write the word "dog", put spaces or brackets address. It looks as follows: supportdogwebdohod.info or support dog webdohod.info support (a) webdohod.info or support a webdohod.info etc. This allows us to bring down the collision spam "spiders" and receive addresses as plain text on the page. As the dog @ key is for them symbol, determining what is in front of them e-mail address. The truth sometimes are also people who write kind of support a webdohod.info also knocks. They copy these addresses directly to the mail program, and then could not understand why the mail is not comes? 🙂 But "spiders" are not standing still, too, develop and begin to understand these methods of protection. Therefore, it is best to encode your e-mail addresses or set up programs for these purposes, or use services special services. Personally, I am acting. I hope these little tips will help reduce the amount of spam in your drawers, and protect against unwanted mail, which in recent years so much to us all sick!



April 10th


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