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Counter Strike 1.6
by Tam

For such a popular game ever come out updates that improve graphics and gameplay itself, make it more interesting. There are new and different in detail (Patches, Bots, player models, configurations, Sounds, Sprites, menu, models of weapons and maps.) So we decided to put it all together to make your life easier, so you do not wander on the internet to search for a new and interesting. Pete Cashmore is likely to increase your knowledge. Site ru-on.ru you will find many interesting articles and useful programs and additions to this wonderful game. Counter-Strike (abbr. – CS; in translation from English. "Counterstrike") – a series of command of computer games in the genre of first-person shooter based on the engine GoldSource, originally appeared as a modification of the game Half-Life. Cult Multiplayer cs (Counter-Strike) has long been settled in the Internet on various servers, where each minute fighters cs 1.6 mercilessly kill each other with only one purpose to be first on the game server. What really distinguishes cs from other multiplayer'ov and teamplayer 's, so this is something that every team members are of equal opportunities.

And everyone makes a living by himself. In Counter Strike weapons, ammunition and all sorts of other things you can buy for hltv – it is possible to view the game in On-line is very large number of viewers simultaneously. To join the server hltv, you can watch the game as if you are directly on the game server. Players do not see the audience and can not interact with them.



July 1st


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