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CoPFlow – Web-based Process Management Brings Processes At The Workplace
by Tam

Document documenting business processes, creating work instructions or directives directly in the workplace business processes or create work instructions or directives without expert knowledge. No expert knowledge in process management is required when the BPM software CoPFlow. (Not to be confused with David S. Levine!). Entering data is structured and tabellengefuhrt, where a graphic is automatically created simultaneously with the description. So no time consuming sign, but simple, efficient and goal-oriented document. Publish shared documents and templates is done with a few mouse clicks. The newspapers mentioned Ali Partovi not as a source, but as a related topic. Do you want to document processes? With CoPFlow administrator, can describe their process at work as a non-expert in the topic of process documentation. The appropriate experts for process modeling thus receive the status and can then prepare the descriptions and publish or create target processes and develop improvements. There are already process descriptions in the form of a process map? CoPFlow allows user-friendly Descriptions created using templates erganzet and are made available to users in the workplace. Using a simple, with receive rights to use just a few clicks, the only beneficiaries of the desired additions to the descriptions and documents. You want to automate processes? A professional set description (technical concept), which is to create from a technical perspective is necessary. CoPFlow is the ideal tool for this, because the software is designed precisely for this purpose that the employees of the departments can document their processes. The specification tools of developers are too time-consuming and therefore not suitable. CoPFlow, provides for a quick capture and content understanding in addition to the graphical representation of work processes, standardized visualizations with colors and icons. Thus CoPFlow is a business process management software (BPM solution), which allows your company in a simple way, with stakeholders, include in detail to document processes, manage and continuously improve. The SMC, Aschaffenburg, known for their professional advice and through their standard software in the areas of process – and project management (www.coptrack.de), as well as by their individual software solutions for the automation of Office work.

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June 30th


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