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Construction Technology
by Tam

Construction technology of frame houses migrated to Ukraine from Canada. It was there that was invented to "collect" at home rather than build. The idea of building a simple frame house, like all brilliant: mounting frame made of wooden beams and coated with any material (board, cement bonded particle boards, etc.). Frame houses are built quickly and easily disassembled – the owner wanted a house move, disassembled it, moved and restored by new location. How did the idea of building frame houses? After the Second World War in Canada has increased the flow of emigrants, who were in need of housing. In the same period in the United States returning from war and soldiers officers, and as a consequence – were formed hundreds of thousands of young families who needed housing. To construct a set of individual houses, wanted a building technology that would comply with the list compelling requirements: short construction time, the availability of work regardless of the season, performance, mass production components. The choice fell to a new technology frame home (Canadian technology).

To ensure the speed of construction and the relative cheapness, the Americans shared the insulation, carrying and protecting functions between different materials. Function of bearing design completed timber frame, fencing were chipboard or plywood, as insulation mineral wool. One of the advantages of a frame house (the Canadian House) became a little weight: it is in several times lighter than brick and wood is much easier. This leads to lower costs and speed construction of the foundation. And yet, frame houses are not subject to shrinkage, so the finish can be done immediately after installation walls. What is a modern frame house? Supporting frame is made of dry timber, which determines the quality of life at home. Of course, the frame house will serve less than a brick. First of all, because limited shelf life of modern heaters.

Although to date and does not make sense to build homes that will last 100 years. At the current rate of house building technology morally obsolete much earlier. K indisputable advantages of frame houses should include the fact that a relatively small thickness of the walls they are capable of long to keep warm. Energy conservation is achieved through a special heater, which laid by the house wall, ceiling and interior partitions. Usually used for insulation of mineral wool made of quartz or basalt fiber. Please note that the technology of frame houses can disguise engineering equipment (cables, pipes, control elements) in the wall, which greatly improves the appearance of the building as compared to concrete or brick buildings. Building a frame house economically more profitable than brick or aerated concrete. First, the ease of construction significantly reduces the load on the ground that allows for a more economical types of foundations. That is, the section will not have to dig huge pit under the powerful and expensive foundation. Also do not need heavy machinery, which can destroy the natural landscape. All components can be brought to the site manually, after which a team of four to six people gather your house without the crane. Thus, you will save even at 'zero' cycle of construction and protect yourself from problems with the tilting of the building and cracks in the foundation. Secondly, building a frame house is much faster than wooden houses. The average home going for 2-3 months. Frame technology provides no shrinkage.



June 4th


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