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Commission Software
by Tam

Practice example for cost reduction in the Office use SoftConDev software consulting & Development Ltd., software developer for individual programming sales and Commission calculation, the cost reduction through use of license-free software with a practical example calculates. The lecture will take place on October 23, 2008 at 13:00 on the system Hall A2 booth 207 in Munich. Bertram Stratz, Managing Director of SoftConDev, the savings in the software configuration of the Office presents with license-free software based on a practical example. The analysis of SoftConDev represents the State of IT infrastructure is fixed and calculated individual savings with license-free software. SoftConDev analysed individually the licensing and hardware costs. The specially developed cost calculator takes into account the one-time cost of the licenses and hardware, as well as the running costs in detail, backup, updates, maintenance and energy. In the course of an upcoming introduction of Windows Vista, if the jobs of employees equipped with new hardware must be, this cost comparison is particularly interesting. Press Info Nicola Santiago Marketing Manager SoftConDev Ltd..

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May 10th


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