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Cognitive Science
by Tam

Therefore, already it was discovered that the words are polpveis and the thought not, of this form, does not have as not to perceive the disparity between both, to think and to speak. Pinker comes to strengthen its theory of the Mentals (language of the mind) when is mentioned in its book on the deaf people, where it speaks: ' ' Also we are knowing auditicas deficient language children devoid who had soon invented one. Still more pertinent it was the discovery of deficient auditory totalmentes adults destitute of language nor language of signals, nor written, nor labial reading, nor fala.' ' (Pinker, 2002, p.75). Steven Pinker, still makes, an inference of that the language closely is related with the experience human being. The people search to join themselves to change words, are in any place, are very probable that they establish one I dialogue. However, when the people do not have with who to talk, they speak alone, with its animals of esteem and even though with plants. Pinker affirms ' ' In our social relations what it earns it is not the physical force, but the verb – the orator eloquente, the seducer of the silver language, the persuasiva child who imposes its will against a father more musculoso.' ' (2002, p.7). In this reflexiva boarding, on the language human being, theoretician sends in them facts not only on the existing diversity of many languages, ' ' but yes on the instinct to learn, to say and to understand linguagem.' ' (PINKER, 2002, p.8) These quarentas years of sprouting and study of Cognitivas Sciences it could be observed some phenomena of the language, as well as when we start to understand the functioning of a digital photographic machine. Beyond enhancing the spreading of these information and discoveries on the functioning of the language, Pinker it also focuses, one another point, what it interests in them more necessarily, that is the visualization of the language not as a cultural device and yes a part of the biological constitution of the brain.



December 15th


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