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Instead, authority is the art of getting people to voluntarily do what you want, because your personal influence. This sentence is very graphic as having power is as being a lady. If you have to remind it to people, bad (Margaret Thatcher) power is a capability that does not require intelligence or value, but get to have authority over the people requires a series of special skills. There might be different circumstances, such as being in a position of power and having no authority over the people. Conversely, a person may have authority over people, but not be in a position of power. The ideal situation and the objective should be to be in a position of power and authority.

Manifest rebellion that sometimes can be observed at work or in the family, has to do with the conjunction of the subjection to the power for a long time and the lack of authority. Samsung may not feel the same. In the family, this situation is responsible for the lack of control that some parents have over their children. The question that appears then is do you get others to do our will? The answer lies in that it is not what we say, but what we do, from the example that we give. Just as we tell children they learn what they live, in all those traces that remain are those of our actions thinks about the qualities of the people who have exerted great influence on it, who have had authority, and the answer will appear. It can be your mother, your father, a teacher, a coach, a boss, etc. If we concentrate on that person who positively marked our lives and believe in his qualities, will surely appear features as: honest, exemplary, engaged, attentive, demanding, respectful, enthusiastic, positive, honest, helpful, etc. These qualities have to do with acquired behaviors, are character traits that evolve over time.

The real challenge for the leader, is to identify those traits of his personality which you need to work and improve, which requires a great effort. When we want to get people to do things, we always have two dynamic, the task and the relations human. At this point, the most difficult lies in the balance. It is a task of quality without neglecting the needs of the people. If we look at what happens to educate our children, we must instill in them the order, discipline and responsibility without losing sight of the affective needs and play spaces. However, we must be careful not to confuse the needs of our children with their whims. By way of example we can say that in an institution such as marriage, the majority of divorces is awarded to those economic problems actually are the product of poverty in human relations, in the lack of attention and care toward each other. Ultimately, human relations are fundamental in the company both in family life and to function in a healthy way need its most important ingredient, the confidence.


May 29th


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