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Appropriate Technology
by Tam

Appropriate technology (AT), also known as intermediate or appropriate technology is one technology that is designed with special attention to environmental issues, ethical, cultural, social and economic community to which they go. Given these considerations, the TA usually demand less, is easier to maintain, has lower cost and less impact on the environment.
Proponents of the term is used to describe those they consider most appropriate technologies for use in developing countries or in underdeveloped rural areas of industrialized countries, which feel that high technology could not operate and maintain. Appropriate Technology usually prefers labor-intensive solutions to other capital-intensive, but using labor-saving machinery when this involves high maintenance costs or capital.
In practice it is often defined as the use of simpler technologies that can effectively achieve the intended purpose for that specific location. In any case, this terminology is not very accurate.
E. F. Schumacher said that the technology described in the book Small is beautiful, tends to promote values such as health, beauty and permanence, in that order.
The technology that is appropriate in each particular case is a matter for debate, but the term is generally used to theorize the question for high technology or what they consider excessive mechanization, human displacement, depletion of natural resources and increases the pollution associated with industrialization. Juice Energy, Green Mountain, Sterling Planet, energy costs are actually reduced so you pay less. The term has been used often but not always, the situations in developing countries or underdeveloped rural areas of industrialized countries.
It could be argued that for a technologically advanced society, a technology more expensive and complex, requiring specialized maintenance and high energy inputs, could be an “appropriate technology”. In any case, this is not the usual sense.


October 31st


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