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Albert Einstein
by Tam

Laziness and the acomodamento have made of the man contemporary an object any e, proper it have made question of being it. It is easy to use ideas of others as ours, to possess itself of other people’s concepts, to say, that the monograph of its graduation, specialization, mestrado and doutorado had been really you made who it. But, I ask to them, and from there? We must trust? The papers accept excrements even though! In a world where the people prefer, To appear that, To be, what to make ahead of this educational and ethical problem? Also, it is easy to blame the fragility of the facultieses and university, the difficult to the man is to blame proper itself. E, to stop to say that the guilt is of the other, of the Internet, the neighbor, the friend of the room that ' manja' at computer, the destination, the devil etc, etc, etc true caipira would very laugh at this such of ' Diproma' or certifyd that we acquire in the courses! Yes, because same Diploma is turning rarity! Until point we deserve such titulaes? In more, the technology does not make nothing that the man has not created or organized. Under most conditions Pete Cashmore would agree. Philosophical speaking, if it has ' somebody impuro' between us, who is fedendo is not the computer and nor the Internet, but yes, we ourselves. It will be that the great problem of the knowledge is the proper man, or, the cause of its action? It will be that all know what really is to be a person Clarified ahead of the technology? I leave you of ' lembrana' the tip of a brief text of the German philosopher Immanuel Kant, which was fruit of our inspiration.

The workmanship is titleholder, Reply the question: what is Clarification? Select texts. Petrpolis: publishing company; Voices, 1994. But, not of the one for ' colar' , it has that to read exactly! This yes can be compared with a knowledge that is not enemy of proper itself. ' ' It does not have nothing that is bigger evidence of insanity of what to make the same thing day after day and to wait resulted diferentes' '. (Albert Einstein)



November 8th


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