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A Career In Patent Law
by Tam

The field of patent law is wide open to biologists, chemists, engineers, computer scientists, and many other science and technology professionals. And it’s true, people with actual science or engineering degree need only pass the Patent Bar to become registered patent agents. By becoming a patent agent, you may gain employment writing and monitoring of patent applications at law firms, technology transfer offices, biotech or engineering firms and government institutions. From there you can decide whether or not to go to law school and become a patent attorney. In addition to writing and prosecuting patents, a patent attorney can also litigate in patent infringement cases.

The perfect skill set of patent law is the perfect field for many creative and talented individuals since it requires so many qualities to be successful. There is definitely a human side oriented a career in patent law. This is especially true when one considers the “isolated lab environment” most scientists and engineers are accustomed. Contrast this with the fact that an inventor’s hopes and dreams will be mounted in the invention and that you will be there every step of the way to help them achieve their goals. Obviously, a lot of interviews and good communication is needed to adequately learn what was invented and write a patent application. Which brings us to the next point, patent attorneys must also have excellent writing skills. Drafting a quality patent application is tedious work that requires the best of written communication.



January 19th


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