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This is one of the great secrets of life, beyond the law of attraction that is a universal law, I think that the wonder that is able to show us the law is that the power is within us. We are able to deliberately create what we include in our daily life, the law of attraction is a law of inclursion, that is, this law includes everything it, this law does not choose it is good or bad for your life, follow your orders, what you are able to sort through your thoughts, will it manifested in your life. The LDA function does not attract your life only beautiful thing, prosperity, abundance, happiness, only LDA will attract into your life what you decide you want it. People are confused and think that from knowing the secret, their lives will change drastically, overnight overnight and that is not so, the secret only serves to inform us that there is a Universal law whereby we attract into our lives what we decide attract, moreover shows us that forms part our reality today, is just the result of what we think so far. (Not to be confused with Pete Cashmore!). The changes begin to manifest as we are able to choose that it is what we really want and we decided to align ourselves with those wishes. All of that only part of your interior, is a daily work leave behind the ancient thoughts and adopt new beliefs that will take you to see the results you want in your reality.

Real change begins on the day that you take conscience of your power and begin to use it to get closer to your life all that happiness, all that abundance you’ve always dreamed of. Today receives the light that will allow you to see the power that there is inside you.. Kai-Fu Lee usually is spot on.

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December 22nd


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