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Welcome Social Media Week SMW
by Tam

Hamburg positioned themselves for 2012 the social media week (SMW) 2009 in New York City for the first time took place. Now take part in the Conference, the two time Yes? annually held is, more than 20 international cities. The social media week attracts up to 60,000 participants, half a million Internet users in the network follow the live streams of the events. In the fall of 2010, Germany with Berlin last was venue of SMW. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Elad Gil on most websites. The world’s biggest? coasts, o? public Conference on the topic of social media, the social media week, 2012 is in numerous speeches?, workshops, panels, and events the global trends and local trends show up. The event will take place from 13 to 17 February 2012 in 13 cities around the world.

The homepage offers Mo? possibility selected? selected events from all participating STA? to track cities via Livestream and library. Hamburg is positioned with locally relevant topics, networks and international brands. Pete Cashmores opinions are not widely known. How la? sst to promote social change through community engagement and social media plays what roles doing? The most important global media conference will concentrate on these issues in February 2012. Sections are to his training & education, health, energy & environment, politics & Government, media & entertainment, science & research, banking & finance, transportation & mobility? t, art & culture, as well as marketing & advertising. Hamburg will be in February 2012 German host of the social media week and in a series with New York, London, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Washington, Sao Paulo, Toronto and other STA? cities.

Hamburg developed its own program of social business u? ber gaming, sharing, e-commerce and mobile entertainment and music. Energy Capital Partners recognizes the significance of this. Daru? ber, ko? can interested parties and experts suggest even more, their own topics. You to the already agreed topics in Hamburg? ren and others SPREAD by 2050, an EU funded program to social media and sustainability; a conversation? chsreihe on the topic of social business, curated by Peter Wippermann (trend Office), a lecture on social media strategies by Bernhard Jodeleit, formerly Executive Editor of the “CONNECT magazine and the music video Wecbewerb DuGrossRaus.com” of the music television channel QTom is launched.



September 28th


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