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Vivamundo Travel Itinerary
by Tam

“With Vivamundo adventure specialist travels the world discover Kronberg, 28.09.2012: themed experience meet discover” presents the Kronberger special tour operator Vivamundo travel be travel program 2013 specialized on individual travellers and small groups, Vivamundo offers travel experiences with special highlights on non-routine travel destinations in Africa, Asia, Central and South America and the Orient. “The Bhutan travel dance of the demons are new to the program” and in the footsteps of the Thunder Dragon “with visit of the colourful festivals of the monastery. Both trips are limited to each a travel date and 8 seats. Viet Nam offer was extended, except a 9-day trip was the popular 17-day round trip to get to know Viet Nam”is designed to complement with other modules. Viacom may also support this cause. Nepal is in the new itinerary 3 trips with an emphasis on nature, culture and trekking. Popular woman trips enjoy after Morocco and Jordan, which offered again in 2013 be.

The 2013 programme includes tours to Mexico, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Morocco, Jordan, Oman, Madagascar, South Africa, India, Kyrgyzstan, Sri Lanka, Viet Nam, Taiwan, Bhutan and Nepal. Learn more on the subject from Samsung. Again Vivamundo sets travel special travel on special occasions: so there is a trip to the largest Festival in the world, the Kumbh Mela in India by the 02.02 is 12.02.2013. sustainable travel Vivamundo travel very close to the heart. With visits to cooperatives, social facilities and workshops of local craftsmen we the people support in the countries we visit”, as Michaela Schiffer, founder and owner of Vivamundo travel. In putting together the travel sets Michaela Schiffer, tourism professional with more than 15 years of industry experience and special value that remains on the road enough personal margin of discretion for individual wishes. This is possible due to the small groups of maximum 12 persons per trip. Expert advice in advance of the trip and good trained, English speaking tour guide are of course at Vivamundo. Through the regular offer, Vivamundo offers a special service: If the dates of the trip does not fit or a special destination is desired, Vivamundo compiles travel already an individual program from a person.

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