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Understand Math
by Tam

Many of the stricken parents, who this year had to pay their youngsters math tutoring, could already drive a better car, would the child understand the math just better. People like the theme of the mathematics rather shy away (which is promptly hired after the first defeat of a math tutoring math) is even worth talking about …. you can not even need it all. We remember only too well (and reluctantly) to the total despair, then moved closer to its own math tests, and slowly but surely, who stopped the so-called psychosomatic, diarrhoeahnlichen states. These torments hell you want but save their own child and he will leave the Help section, which one would have even liked by his parents. For this reason, be sought immediately tutor, the ".. explain to the child finally correctly so that it finally really understand what it is in mathematics" – we hear from every parent's lips.

But is it really necessary mathematics in order to understand a mathematical problem to solve? NO! But might just as well ask whether it is really necessary to understand the electricity to light switch? Have to drive the processes are understood in a hatchback car to be able to? Do our children really every time they want to solve a Mateaufgebe, the Gedankenganege a genius (as it were, no doubt Einstein Pythagoras or one of) understand can? No! To solve the Mateaufgaben it is only necessary to apply the correct formulas! Only this knowledge is necessary and this can also practice online! But we trust that the previous mathematicians us with their work will facilitate our calculations wanted. You hinterlissen their posterity a legacy of formulas that we only need to learn APPLY. Let her know just yet, and the solution will be correct if we understand it or not! Actually, our children would only trust that is a plus b equal c and know that everything else only confirms the rule So this does not disappear just like that, but only changes the shape. Math is learned by simply trust that the formula is right. Only with the gradually adjusting computation routine, there is the desired understanding automatically. Seen in this way can the Internet collected mathematical platforms, where formulas are taken together with accompanying exercises together, or where the technical applications, explains the mathematics, expensive to replace now. This of course assumes that parents take the time to solve every day with the child together for a few tasks. Even the ancient Romans knew that practice makes perfect and also that truth endures to this day.



May 6th


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