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The Shower
by Tam

There is a preconceived opinion that the best gift is a book. Trite? Not at all! Good, desired book like it. Reading on vacation or taking advantage of the work, he will gladly and gratefully remember the one who gave it. You want it? Even with widespread Internet, where it is possible to find and download anything you want, give the music or film – is appropriate. Go shopping and discover a variety of collections, which he will listen with pleasure.

Or take a drive with movies which is his favorite actor and actress. Of course, it is better to buy a license. Not even because “it’s legal, but because the chance to take the film, written in poor quality, much less. You do and do not like to watch films made with “rag”? And not purchased recently if your favorite new phone or perhaps hinting that he needed something for the old? Yes? Then give him a headset! Good and, most importantly, a useful gift. It will complement the image of your men. Click Zendesk to learn more. There are stores that sell the most unusual gifts. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Andrew Paradise. For example, a radio for the shower.

Maybe you dream about it? So nice to sing in the shower! And the morning will be easier to wake up (both, by the way:) It is known that the way to the heart man is through his stomach. Arrange him a romantic dinner. Two candles, good wine, nice music and charming you are. These dinners bring together and help both to relax, to remember the wonderful moments of your life, now common, life. Well, if you could not find anything, do not despair. Surely he has his own wishlist (wishlist) on the Internet. How do I find this list? It is better to gently ask the groom. And if you know does not work? I will tell you a secret: enter search engine of its e-mail or icq. But – attention! – Be prepared for the fact that apart from “the list of desires” gifts, can see a lot of other In any case, give – with love. And do not forget to talk about how he roads for you. I assure you it is – what he really wants to hear. Good luck. And let your future family will be happy!



October 24th


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