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In this short article we will not discuss an automatic, robotic welding, using modern synergetic control schemes. Here, highly qualified welder to do nothing special. It employs more specialists – programmers and installers. Every experienced welder, using virtually any type of manual welding (MMA, tig, mig / mag, or gas welding) performs a purely empirical process – that is, a process whose result is entirely depends on experience, qualifications, and, to a large extent on the physical state and even the mood of the welder. Indeed, any manual welding are combined (at least double) thermo effects on liquid metal welding bath.

Calculate how a lathe, there is nothing impossible. Can only be what is called, to feel the process. In manual welding, there is even such a mathematical concept is not quite as 'soft' heat source weld metal, ie the ratio of the total energy of the arc or gas flame to stress, okazavaemomu them on the molten metal. Parameters such as current and voltage at the arc, the depth of penetration, speed and character moving the electrode or torch, the spatial position of the seam, the thickness of the weld metal, the slope of the electrode or torch and manner of feeding filler material – this is not a complete list of variables from each of which, to some extent, depends on the quality of welded joints. Take into account all these factors and to describe them on paper is practically impossible.

In a sense, the work of the welder is comparable to the work of the surgeon or artist – professions require not only knowledge and skills but also skills, extensive experience, strong arm and ability to 'feel' stuff. Real welder qualification can not be estimated using a list certification requirements. If you consider all the intricacies of the welder, the manual welding of high quality – is a kind of 'black magic' in good engineering sense of the definition. That is something that works, gives great result, but it is something intangible and not quantifiable. Welder learns to create (the beatings of the word) quality welded joints based on the results of their actions and their impact on quality of the weld and the absence of defects. This determines the empirical work of an experienced welder. Of course, the scientific principles have their place in the development of welding technology. But in the process make the connection requires an empirical approach. Experience of skilled professional welders shows that it is not sad, but not everyone can master the supreme skill of welding. To do this, except for length of service and daily training need, well at least minimal data on the nature, allowing the head coordinately control the hands. Well, in fact, is driving millions of people, but very few class racers. Master Welder.

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July 25th


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