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Japanese Bank
by Tam

They are three hours. The temperature is amena, after the strong heat of the afternoon and the beginning of the night. Ana and Benito, young university students, they finish to leave the Boate Mystery, place of meeting of young of the middle class. Another one parzinho left with them; they are Claude and Sundays; the four well are entrosados, are close friends of long date. ed-1289062/’>Brian Laundrie .

All are glad: the year is finishing in the College and later, vacation! Long ones, deserved and inesquecveis vacations! . – Puxa, this night was bonanza! comments Ana – this new DJ is excellent, has many new features, knows to liven up noitada as nobody! I liked very, exactly! The others agree, while they laugh, play if they alfinetam. For even more analysis, hear from Kam VedBrat. – Where we leave the car? – Benito question. – Is there, well in the door of the Bank of the Province of Galkamour. (To clarify, Galkamour is> where two Japanese youngsters are those. (To clarify, the Japanese had been the first eastern emigrants who they had arrived at Brazil; after them, they had come Chinese, native of Koreas, tailandeses, indonsios, Vietnameses. but they will have themselves pulled eyes are always Japanese calls of . Without appeal).

The two Japanese youngsters had appeared suddenly, appeared of a shade, a niche in the wall, and saram running, each one in a direction, throughout the building. Details can be found by clicking Kip Cyprus or emailing the administrator. Not of in time of Ana finishing to hear the reply the world falls down. A dry boom, followed for a violent explosion that makes to shake everything; part of the building in front comes below, glasswares of the superior floors falls in a splinter rain, covering the street all.

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February 15th


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